Attention speakers who WANT TO GET BOOKED, 
You know you’re meant to share your message with the world, but your secret fears, doubts, and insecurities keep holding you back? 
Jeff South
Owner Intrigue Salon and Club Intrigue
"Bonnie and Alejandra are exceptional trainers in allowing me and others to feel safe and connected throughout this course. Sharing of themselves and relevant information of how we are as humans made so much sense to be a better presenter and leader.."
You’re tired of being unclear and indecisive about your niche audience, your message, and your mission?

You’ve received speaking tips, but you don’t know how to actually create a powerful speech that will rock your audience and get you booked on paid stages? 

You know you need a “signature story”, but you don’t know if you have one or how tell it in a way that captivates audiences? 

Even though there are way more speaking gigs than there are speakers, you don’t know WHO to contact or HOW to get booked? 

You’re doing a lot of free speeches, but no one wants to actually PAY you for it? 

You want to lead webinars, tele-seminars, or live workshops, but you feel overwhelmed about taking the next steps from beginning to end? 

You wish you had the confidence and certainty about your worth, your value, and what to charge?
Maybe It’s Even Gotten to the Point Where…
  •  You watch mediocre speakers talk on big stages and you’re tired or even secretly jealous of    being a best kept secret in the industry?
  •  You have no idea where to begin, how to get in front of audiences, and it's just easier to keep      ignoring it  
  •  You feel stuck because you’re pulled in so many different directions? 
  •   You’re tired of your uninspiring day job, balancing it with your “mission-in-the-works” and you’ve   concluded that speaking will never make as much or more than your day job does 
  •   You’re convinced that the only people who can make good money with speaking are the ones       who have been doing it for years 
  •   You worry about freezing on stage, forgetting your talk, or people thinking that you’re a bad           speaker  
  •  You compare yourself to other speakers and feel small because you don't have the same        confidence and charisma that they have to take your speaking to the next level?
Honestly, we used to experience ALL of these.
But we went from…

"Not knowing our message, being frozen in fear, having no following, and not being able to even speak on FREE stages" to….
  •  Speaking with absolute clarity and confidence in  front of  audiences of 1000’s!
  •  Leading our own workshops sharing the wealth of  knowledge that has landed us on multiple stages!
  •  Prospering with our purpose!
But Before We Did That For a Living, We Were Doing THIS…
I was coaching client after client trying to make ends meet.  In order to grow my business, I needed to get in front of people to share my work. BUT I couldn’t!! I was so sacred!! There was no way I could get in front of 10 people let alone 100’s or 1000’s.  I was hiding behind my fears and making every excuse to not get out there and do it.  I was a single mom struggling financially, I was overlooked for a promotion, I felt insignificant and not worthy. Alejandra
I had been working for companies most of my life so when I finally took the big leap to be an entrepreneur, I had no idea how hard it was going to be and how many hats I had to wear and not to mention I struck out on my own right at the top of the recession, I started to feel like a failure and thought I was not meant to be doing what I loved, teaching, training and speaking from my own business! So instead I kept taking work that was paying the bills but not giving me the joy I have when I am creating and sharing my knowledge. Bonnie
So our question to you is….
1.  You no longer had to compromise yourself for your speaking dream? 

2.  You no longer felt stuck in fear, doubt, and insecurity about speaking?

3.  You no longer felt unfulfilled, small, jealous, drained, exhausted, resentful, embarrassed, or even shameful about not getting your message out there?

4.  You no longer had to hustle, grind, or chase people down to get booked on stages while having nothing to show 
for it?
A step-by-step formula that was totally new and you could flow freely toward your dream of speaking with unshakable confidence and clarity while making much more than your day job?
1.  Share your message with the world in a BIG way

2.  Authentically speak your truth from a place of inner peace, presence, and power…every time

3.  Touch thousands of lives as you live the purpose you were meant for on this planet!

4.  Make the kind of prosperous income that you’re TRULY worth!

5.  Do what you love for a living, share your gift, and LIVE your brilliance!

"It only matters if your being an authentic and truthful speaker and STAGES helps you to uncover you, your story and your purpose …"
Alison Alhamed
Editor and Chief Modern Salon 
"Everyone needs to attend this weekend, the tools you come away with change every aspect of your life and business."
Elaine Travis
Lux Salon Owner & Speaker
"STAGES was such a life-changing program...I am now making the money I want to make doing what I love to do…Educate."
Ty Marcel
 TIGI Educator 
You can have ALL of this without needing to have a list of thousands of followers! We started out speaking with just having a our industry followers that were a few to working with major names like…

Revlon International, TIGI, Goldwell, L'ANZA, Women in the Boardroom, Serious
Business, Oracle and getting on the cover of Salon Today Magazine.

As small as we started off with only the contacts we had made in our jobs to people from accords the globe becoming intrigued with what we were teaching and how we are teaching it.
 It is so unique from any other program you have or will ever attend! 
Now, we want the same for you!
SO IMAGINE IF…we could coach you, in-person, over the course of 2 days and share all the ways that this can work for you and your speaking career!
We are inviting you to join us for 2 days that will transform your life!
During these transformational 2 days, you will… 
  •  Get personal coaching and mentoring from us about your speaking business and how to launch you NOW!
  •  Create your very own “Stand Out Story” so that people book you, just to hear your story
  •  Be crystal clear on your audience, your message, and your mission…putting an END to niche indecision forever!
  •  Uncover & discover your unique selling brand that will get you booked every time
  •  Discover our biggest secrets on how you can make the money you want to make in ONE weekend!
  •  Leave the event with your own "STAGING METHOD" speech outline so you have a ready-made speech that you can start using  right away!
  •  Find out the secret that will get you booked above anyone else (and the secret to why some speakers become iconic while  others fizzle away)!
  •  Learn how to deeply connect with your audience, gain their trust, win their hearts, and confidently give your legendary speech!
  •  Discover how you can overcome any fear of speaking and step into your most powerful self
Get access to our “low hanging fruit” secrets:
  •  Who you are as a speaker
  •  The STAGING Method that allows you to create any form of training whether that is online or live.
  •  How to create connection and engage with your audience no matter  who they are
With All of These Done-For-You Tools, Action Plans, and Liberating
Discoveries, the Greatest Discovery of Them All Will Be...
Having the knowledge you need to realistically map out
exactly HOW you can overcome any fears stopping you
from making money as a speaker!
Be empowered with access to the same checklists, template forms, and formulas that gave us the ability to be the talk of every speaking gig above everyone else speaking.  

Be highly recognized using the simple method we teach on formulating your speaking engagements.

Breakthrough your biggest fears, insecurities, doubts, and limiting beliefs that have held you down without you knowing it! I will walk you through a powerful exercise that I’ve used to overcome my deepest and darkest fears!

Feel re-invigorated, re-energized, confident, and on fire about your speaking dream because you now have a clear, proven, and
personalized plan of action! 

Go from free speaking gigs to PAID speaking gigs and make great career income!

Be a part of our intimate community where you will not only have support from us for 2 days, but you will get to connect with other speakers (and maybe speak on each others stages)!
So if you’re ready to jump on this opportunity to
join us, you will ALSO get…
Fearless Speaker Formula
When you register for our live workshop you will get access to our developing your brand message template. $297 value
Two 60 minute 
1 on 1 coaching sessions
You will get to be coached by your trainers on your speaking skill after the 2 days. This will allow you to ask any questions and get the additional guidance you need to continue your success path. $1000 value
You'll Never Know What Could Be Unless You Come !
"I love how you can visually see the moment someone becomes authentic
and connection with
others is made."
Laura Ortega
Salon Pluss 
"I can approach my speaking career with more authentic connection. It wasn’t what
I imagined it would be but
it was more than I could
have imagined. "
Todd Tinnel
Owner of Evouge Hair Design and Educator Joico/ISO
"STAGES reshaped my idea of my personal brand and it was exactly what I needed to shape my story and grow
my personal brand."
Elana K. Wight
 Founder, Red Thursday  
Maybe you’re wondering if what you receive is worth your investment. What would it be worth to you to...
Stop wasting weeks, months, years, and maybe even decades going nowhere and doing the SAME thing  with your speaking (or lack of speaking), yet expecting different results.

Earn much more income with your speaking than your day job! Imagine the freedom, creativity, and money that this will give you to do what you love! 

Have much more time to devote to your speaking business rather than constantly putting it off for other  things in your life that don't light you up inside. 

Become so clear on how you move forward with your speaking, that you confidently begin attracting new  high-paying gigs, new clients, and new followers! 

Fulfill your mission and purpose in a way that feels so right to you! 

FINALLY live the lifestyle you have dreamed about for years – balancing your personal life (and all the  things that really matter to you) with the joy you get from speaking and most of all, loving the process!
And here’s the easiest, no-brainer
reason for 
joining us ...
If you absorb our personal training and implement JUST ONE of the ideas out of the 2 DAYS WORTH that we will be pouring on, you will have covered your investment and SO MUCH MORE! We’re talking about a LIFETIME of success, income, and prosperity with your speaking in ways that you never imagined possible!
The difference between speakers who are successful and speakers who wish they were is not about talent.
So Are You Ready to SHOW UP? 
I understand that when I get my ticket to
STAGES” I will receive…
  • Full 2 day program along with all the tools and resources I’ll need to come back home and crush it with my speaking! $699
  • Personal training and mentoring from Bonnie & Alejandra! There will be plenty of time to ask questions and get coached right there! PRICELESS!
  • Full access to Alejandra & Bonnie's “Fearless Speaker Formula” when I register before registration closes!
    $699 VALUE!
  • Two 1 on 1 coaching sessions with Alejandra & Bonnie after the 2 day course to successfully implement your plan of action $1000 VALUE!
  • Plenty of opportunities to meet, network, connect, and joint venture with other speakers!
You’re Protected By My 
I Love This Training” Guarantee!
We are confident that when you arrive at STAGES, you will be thrilled! We’ll even give you until 12 pm on Day 2 to decide if it’s right for you…in your heart.  And if it’s not, we will give you a full 100% refund! I know that if you follow the steps and do the work, this event WILL prove to be life-transforming for you and your speaking business!
Order Now and Get ALL BONUSES for $699.00
(TOTAL Value of $3097) Before Registration Closes... 
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